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Member Workshop: A Guided Introduction to Sundao - A Path to Well-Being

Tue, July 16, 2019 10:00 | Christine Funke (Administrator)

Written by HIWC Member Susanne Ley

On a very humid and warm evening in June 2019 at the Mehrgenerationenhaus Heidelberg, some courageous members of the Heidelberg IWC embarked on their personal quest for well-being as a whole, facilitated by Susanne Ley, Children Coach and Expert for Life Empowerment.

Sundao, the art of Well-Being & Whole-Being with somatic meditations and internal energy alignment practices was originally invented by a south- Korean Master and his wife 20 years ago (www.ism.center or www.sundao.com). It is continuously updated and refined through personal experiences. Until now the inventors are travelling teachers holding workshops and retreats and spreading the word for the benefit of individuals and organizations.

Heidelberg IWC Sundao Workshop 1

You may ask: but what does it set apart from other mindfulness techniques like Yoga, Zen, or MBSR?

Above all, its focus on the body as re-integrating basis as well as on the human energy system to release unconscious blockages.

The effects?

Your transformation that gives you peace, clarity and abundance in all dimensions of life.

And the advantage?

It roots in 5,000 years old ancient wisdom and strategies and yet it is not affiliated with any particular spiritual traditions, religion, culture or ethnicity. It has literally millennia of documented proof of extraordinary results for individuals and organizations, that its methods actually get the results advertised.

Heidelberg IWC Sundao Workshop 2

So how does a session of Sundao look like?

At the very beginning the body needs to be warmed up. This can be done with shaking your body or light bouncing. The duration is very flexible and can be adapted to the individual needs of the participants, as with every practice. Nobody needs to stress his body to perform in a certain way. Afterwards, rotating your head, shoulders, arms, hips and knees can release further tightness and calm your mind. Tapping your body and your lower abdomen with both hands, either individually or as a partner exercise, activates your major energy power center and also helps accumulate the energy inside your body. The effects are immediate and demonstrate in high energy and refreshment.

After warming-up, there are quite a few centering and embodiment practices (both sitting, laying down or standing) where you can feel the energy sensations moving inside your body. By breathing in, you welcome all the new possibilities into your life, by breathing out, you let go of all the past, sense of lack, deficiency, limiting beliefs, and release all the tension.

Especially the slow movements and the underlying music facilitate the gentle and soft release of somatic tensions which benefit you the most.

After having used the wisdom of your body to reconnect with yourself, increase your overall energy level and relieve stress, there is usually a phase of complete relaxation (laying down posture).

Reawakening your body with light stretching and deep breathing brings you back into the real world.

Keep in mind that at least 51% of your mental concentration is always on your lower abdomen. With this principle you can build up the awareness muscle and you will see your response to the things around you more consciously and become less reactive. You can observe your emotions as they come in the very moment, not storing unsupported energy anymore.

Heidelberg IWC Sundao Workshop Susanne Ley

Where can you try to practice Sundao the next time?

If you were unable to join our session at the MGH this June, there is the exclusive possibility to get to know the founders of Sundao, ISM this October in Heidelberg. If you want to learn from them, visit: www.experiencepurebenefits.com. And please don’t get puzzled, since they changed the branding meanwhile, from Sundao to ISM (Inner Space Meditation, Integral Somatic Methods).

And since Susanne is offering coaching for kids and parents, do not hesitate to contact her for specific coaching sessions. You can book her for a free introductory talk on bookme@susanneley.life.

Thank you Susanne for hosting this workshop for HIWC Members!

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