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Women's Salon: Self-Care & Unmet Needs

  • Mon, March 07, 2022
  • 20:00 - 21:00
  • Virtually via Google Meet


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Women's Salon

The Women’s Salon by the Heidelberg IWC is a monthly English-language discussion on current, changing and challenging topics all related to women. Intimate and inviting, this will be a place to learn more about the issues in our lives, culture and world, and a time where we can talk about them and share our own stories.

There is recommended reading, watching and/or listening resources for each session. Please note that while the Women's Salon is open to the public, it is a female-only safe space.

Topic: Self-Care & Unmet Needs

From mental and physical health to relationships and housework, self-care seems to be the solution for how you can "fix" your life. Join us to discuss your thoughts on how self-care is sold to us and explore how we can discover what we really need and how that makes us human.


The Dark Truths Behind Our Obsession With Self-Care


How to Radically Embrace Your Neediness for Better Mental Health; TEDx Talk by HIWC Member Traci Ruble


SELF-CARE: How do we identify our real needs and finally get them met? 


Contact: Christine Funke, womenssalon@heidelbergiwc.org, +49 151 1749 6660
Submit a topic for the Women's Salonhttps://forms.gle/DbBXhAKvfTZLseqt5

*You'll receive the link to the Google Meet session via email the day before the event.*

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