Frankfurt Airport Tour (with Frankfurt AIWC)

Frankfurt Airport

Have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes while you are waiting for you next flight? The Frankfurt AIWC has invited our members to join their tour of Frankfurt International Airport. This tour includes [...]


Tour of the Underground Tunnels in Kaiserslautern (English)

Kaiserslautern Tourist Information Fruchthallstra├če 14, Kaiserslautern

Join us for a guided tour through the tunnels of Kaiserlautern. During this tour you will learn more about the history of Kaiserslautern. The tour will be conducted in English. Partners and children are welcome! [...]


Let’s speak German

Schloss Mannheim Bismarckstrasse, Mannheim

A great opportunity to learn/practice conversational German. We'll start with introductions and move on to everyday, practical words and phrases like making restaurant reservations, booking a doctor's appointment, and whatever members have been wanting to [...]

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