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We welcome you to come and join our online chat with the first female Deputy Mayor of Heidelberg, Stefanie Jansen.

We last spoke to her in 2021 and it was a really informative conversation about so many topics that affect us all. We will meet her again and find out how her goals have changed and you will be able to ask her more questions. She is very focused on getting women back into work.

She has been in office since January 2021 for the department of social welfare, education, family and equal opportunities. She would like to connect with international women living in and around Heidelberg, and is curious to learn about our experiences, what we appreciate about the city, and what we might miss while living here. 

Any international woman living in and around Heidelberg (including any and all cities in the Rhine-Neckar region) are welcome to attend the event for the opportunity to hear from Ms. Jansen. It’s open to the public and we hope you’ll join us.

Please send us your questions in advance so Stefanie can have the information to hand when we talk to her.

The link to the Google Meet call is meet.google.com/tsf-mwvu-mve you don’t have to have a Gmail account to join via Google Meet. 

Please register and if you have a question to ask Stefanie Jansen to Ginny Trowman: fawco@heidelbergiwc.org

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